Warsaw is a Phoenix city that just like the mythological bird has arisen from its own ashes…
The architecture of Warsaw is the mirror of its history.

The royal palaces and gardens, socrealistic architecture from the Polish People’s Republic era with the Palace of Culture and Science and the modern sky scrapers – my tourists can see such Warsaw. They also know that Warsaw is the only city in Poland with a metro system, the city where Fryderyk Chopin and Maria Skłodowska-Curie spent their childhood and youth, they can see the church where Chopin’s heart rests and they may experience that his music is still alive here, they can see the eternal flame and the eternal Honour Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Hmm, and why is the Mermaid Statue in Warsaw? There is no sea here indeed…

You can explore Warsaw during one week and it might be too little time…However, to feel the spirit of the city and to know its history 2 hours of visiting it are enough:).

If you want to discover Warsaw, please contact me. I will present a tailor-made tour for you, according to your needs and time you have.

Please, look at the Warsaw official tourist website.